Thursday, July 28, 2011


(includes Taboga Island)

Los del Patio – Calle 3 (Casco Viejo); 011-507-6680-8875;; art gallery and coffeehouse.

DiVino Enoteca – Calle 4 y Avenida A (Casco Viejo); 011-507-202-6867;; upscale wine bar with low light and black and white movies showing on back wall; Iberian hams hang behind bar; art, design, and food books in back.
Encima – Avenida B y Calle 8 (at Tantalo Hotel); 011-507-262-4030;; rooftop bar; try grape mojito.
Habana Panama – Calle Eloy Alfaro y Calle 12 Este (Casco Viejo); 011-507-212-0152;; retro dance hall with plush, red interior (featuring photographs of Cuban music greats); steamy salsa dancing; among city’s hottest dance spots.
La Rana Dorada – Via Argentina y Calle Arturo Motta (El Cangrejo); 011-507-269-2989;; Irish pub-style bar.
Tantalo – Avenida B y Calle 8; 011-507-262-4030;; scene-y, rooftop bar.
La Vecindad – Avenida A (Casco Viejo, between Calles 4 & 5);; owned by former gang member; known for reggaeton.

American Trade Hotel – Calle 10a Oeste (Casco Viejo); 011-507-211-2000;; lovingly restored landmark building in UNESCO World Heritage district; 50 rooms; roof-top pool; jazz bar; farm-to-table restaurant.
Canal House – Calle 5A y Avenida A (Casco Viejo); 011-507-228-1907;; colonial mansion on quiet corner.
B&B Hotel Cerrito – Via Pizarro y Via Congresso; 011-507-832-2565;; bed & breakfast, as well as vacation apartments; simple, clean.
Las Clementinas – Avenida B y Calle 11; 011-507-228-7613;; perfectly appointed suites, size of small apartments.
Los Cuatro Tulipanes – Avenida Central (Casco Viejo, between Calle 3ra & 4ta); 011-507-6070-4549 or 425-320-4718;; apartment-style accommodations.
Luna’s Castle Hostel – Calle 9na Este 3-28; 011-507-262-1540;; with unadulterated ocean view.
Manrey Hotel – Calle Uruguay y Avenida 5A Sur; 011-507-203-0000;; modern, spare design, Bulgari bath products, and iPod docking stations; great poolside lounge on roof.
Tantalo Hotel – Avenida B y Calle 8; 011-507-262-4030;; young crowd; ask for room designed by Mariery Young.
Trump Ocean Club – Calle Punta Colon (Punta Pacifica); 011-507-215-8800;
Waldorf Astoria – 47th Street & Uruguay Street; 011-507-294-8000 or 011-855-277-5298;; extravagantly opulent yet affordable.

Las Clementinas – Avenida B y Calle 11 (Casco Viejo); 011-507-228-7613;; great brunch locale.
Diablo Rosso – Avenida A y Calle 7 (Casco Viejo); 011-507-228-4833 or 011-507-228-4837;; café and gallery that sells retro-inspired accessories and clothes.
Ego y Narciso – Calle 3 (Plaza Bolivar); 011-507-262-4030;; nouveau Italian-Spanish; on charming plaza.
Humo – Calle 70 East (San Francisco); 011-507-203-7313;; Panamanian barbecue.
Lung Fung – Calle 62C Oeste y Via Simon Bolivar (Los Angeles); 011-507-260-4011; dim sum.
Madrigal – Avenida A & Calle 5 Oeste (Casco Viegjo); 011-507-211-1956;és-Madrigal/113680718659908; Michelin starred chef.
Maito – Calle 50 (Coco de Mar, at end of street); 011-507-391-4657;; perhaps best restaurant in city; worth special trip; excellent wine list; private organic garden.
Manolo Caracol – Avenida Central y Calle 3 (Casco Viejo); 011-507-228-4640;; like sexy, tropical Chez Panisse; Caribbean cuisine; stashed on side-street, across from ruined church; worth special trip.
La Mar – El Cangrejo; 011-507-209-3323;; Peruvian ceviche.
New York Bagel Café – Einstein Plaza, Calle F; 011-507-390-6051; also bacon, eggs, and coffee.
Segundo Muelle – Calle Crisantemos 16 y Calle 68; 011-507-391-9234;; international chain (other countries are Ecuador, Peru, and Spain); seafood dishes.
La Posta – Calle Uruguay y Calle 49; 011-507-269-1076;; despite unpretentious atmosphere, reservations required, sometimes weeks in advance; Caribbean-Italian fare; try garlicky camarones en hamaca (shrimps in hammock).
La Rosa de los Vientos – Calle 8 Oeste (Casco Viejo); 011-507-211-2065; Italian restaurant with outdoor, waterfront seating at which can enjoy drinks.
Tantalo Kitchen – Avenida B y Calle 8; 011-507-262-4030;; innovative dishes like sea bass ceviche with sweet corn and Parmesan.

Calypso Queen – Amador Causeway (at Isla Naos); 011-507-314-1730; “slow” ferry from/to Taboga Island ($6).
Rapida – Amador Causeway (at Balboa Yacht Club); 011-507-228-5196; “fast” ferry from/to Taboga Island ($6).

Breebaart Boutique – Calle Abel Bravo, Casa 5 (Obarrio); 011-507-264-5937; custom clothing and home linens in French Designer Helene Breebaart’s home (she is former Christian Dior representative).
Chocolatisimo – Calle 56 y Avenida Abel Bravo; 011-507-391-3255;; specialty chocolate and pastry shop.
Diablo Rosso – Avenida A y Calle 7 (Casco Viejo); 011-507-228-4833 or 011-507-228-4837;; café and gallery that sells retro-inspired accessories and clothes.
Fish Market – Panamerican Highway y Calle 15 Este; ceviche in $1 paper cups; also, can purchase fresh lobster and take upstairs to restaurant, which will cook for you.
Los del Patio – Calle 3 (Casco Viejo); 011-507-6680-8875;; art gallery and coffeehouse.
SuperGourmet – Avenida A (between Calles 6 and 7); 011-507-212-3487;; high-end deli and grocery.

Biomuseo – Calle Miller; 011-507-;; Frank Gehry-designed; open for tours now; formal opening in 2012.
Casco Viejo – city’s formerly dilapidated colonial quarter, now “gentrifying.”
Cinta Costeria – boardwalk park that follows waterfront.
Milaflores Locks Museum – Canalside; 011-507-276-8325;; can watch ships pass through canal.
Parque Recreativo Omar – Avenida Belisario Porras; 140 acre expanse with impressive sculpture garden and National Library
Taboga Island –; nicknamed “Island of Flowers”; locals’ day-trip beach choice.

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