Wednesday, July 27, 2011


(includes Barbuda)

Pink Beach – Barbuda; almost entire Western shore of island is pink sand; remarkably deserted, as wide as Champs Elysees, and 11 miles long.

Admiral’s Inn – Nelson’s Dockyard (English Harbour, St. John’s); 011-268-460-1027;; part of Nelson’s Dockyard National Park; simple, with few accoutrements; excellent restaurant; charming location; gracious service.
Blue Waters – Soldier's Bay (St. John's); 011-268-462-0290;; perhaps best choice for cost on island; gorgeous and intimate but not most expensive.
Curtain Bluff – Morris Bay (St. John’s); 011-268-462-8400;; bluff overlooking water on 3 sides at island’s southern tip; stunning views of Montserrat; surrounding gardens.
Galley Bay – Galley Bay Beach Road (St. John’s); 011-268-462-0302 or 866-237-1644;; cottages near bird sanctuary; cottages have private “plunge pools.”
Grace Bay & Morris Bay – Old Road Village (Bolans); 011-268-462-8400 or 888-289-9898;
Jumby Bay Island – Jumby Bay Island (St. John’s); 011-268-462-6000 or 888-767-3966;; 300-acre, island resort; former sugar mill named for local term for “playful spirit”; accessible only by boat; 3 white sand beaches.
Nonsuch Bay – Hughes Point (St. Phillips); 011-268-720-3020;; stunning.
Ocean Inn – English Harbour (St. Paul’s); 011-268-463-7950;; B&B perched on steep hill; exquisite views.
Sugar Ridge – Jolly Harbour; 011-268-562-7700 or 866-591-4881;; 60-room boutique resort; Aveda spa.

Coconut Grove – Dickenson Bay (St. John’s, at Siboney Beach Club); 011-268-462-1538; open-air, thatched roof structure; breakfasts.
Grace Before Meals – Dockyard Drive (St. John’s); 011-268-463-7900;; affordable drinks and excellent food.
Indigo on Beach – Carlisle Bay (St. Mary's); 011-268-484-0000;; try shrimp roti.
Papi’s – Fort Road (at Garden Street, St. John’s); 011-268-562-7274;; barbecued chicken and ribs.
Papa Zouk – Hilda Davis Drive (Gamble’s Terrace, St. John’s); 011-268-464-6044; seafood.

Nelson's Dockyard – English Harbour (St. John’s); 011-268-460-7976;; only Georgian dockyard in world; highlight is Clarence House, residence built for Britain's future King William IV when he served under Lord Nelson as H.M.S. Pegasus captain.

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