Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Boca Catalina – small cove, easy snorkeling.
Palm Beach – among island’s best beaches.

Star Gerren.
Kantil Reef.
Mangel Halto – Savaneta; untrammeled, great snorkeling; strong currents.
Skalahein Reef.
Jane Sea.

Amsterdam Manor – J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 252 (Oranjestad); 011-297-527-1100 or 800-969-2310;; kitchen delivers to beach chair.
Bucuti Beach Resort – L.G. Smith Boulevard #55B (Eagle Beach); 011-297-583-1100;; Dutch colonial-style; luxe; child-free.
Cunucu Arubiano – Santa Lucia; 011-297-733-2522;; 3 casitas have terraces from which can feed donkeys that wander over from sanctuary next-door.
Hyatt Regency – 85 J.E. Irausquin Boulevard (Noord); 011-297-586-1234 or 888-964-9288;
Ocean 105 – I.G. Smith Boulevard 105 (Eagle Beach); 011-297-592-0287;; boutique hotel in up-market, high-rent district; on coral ledge overlooking sea; tropical-style apartments and 2 bedroom villa.

B55 – Balashi 55 (Santa Cruz); 011-297-585-2111;; panoramic views of Arikok National Park; seafood.
Eet Café Paddock – L.G. Smith Boulevard 13 (Oranjestad); 011-297-583-2334;; casual, goofy, beach community-type establishment.
Flying Fishbone – Savaneta 344 (Savaneta); 011-297-584-3506; seafood; nicely presented on quiet beach.
Gasparito – Gasparito 3; 011-297-586-7044;; farmhouse feel; local cuisine – spiced chicken and Dutch cheese.
Indo Rotie & Chicken House – Noord 17 (Noord); 011-297-586-3611; lunch entrees.
Madame Janette – Cunucu Abou 37 (Eagle Beach); 011-297-587-0184;; try rack of lamb.
Pincho’s Grill & Bar – I.G. Smith Boulevard 7 (Oranjestad); 011-297-583-2666;; on pier, beautiful view, excellent seafood.
Salt & Pepper – Irausquin Boulevard 368A (Oranjestad); 011-297-586-3280;
Starbucks – L.G. Smith Boulevard 82 (Oranjestad, at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino); 011-297-5-836-000or 800-421-8188;

Tours & Transportation – Yoka van der Horst; 011-599-568-6909;; charming native who will take you on 2-hour island tour, as well as provide transport throughout island.
Tranquilo Aruba – Alto Vista 34k (San Nicolas); 011-297-586-1418;; 6-hour, sailing coastal tour.

Ling & Sons – Schotlandstraat 41 (Oranjestad); 011-297-583-2370;; best grocery shopping; also, great bakery.

Archaeological Museum of Aruba – J. E. Irausquinplein 2A (Oranjestad); 011-297-582-8979; covers 5K years of history.
Arikok National Park – Piedra Plat 42 (in Paradera, on main road between Low-Rise area and Santa Cruz, National Park Office); 011-297-585-1234; especially good to go at night.
Balashi Gold Mine Ruins – Frenchman’s Pass.
Bubali Bird Sanctuary – J.E. Irausquin Boulevard (Palm/Eagle Beach); 011-297-582-3777;
California Lighthouse – fine coastline views.
Cura di Tortuga (“Natural Pool”) – windward side island; 011-297-582-3777;; need local to take you because difficult to access; stunning natural pool.
Eagle Bowling Palace – Pos Abao (Oranjestad); 011-297-583-5038.
Guadikiri Cave – northeast coast; 011-297-582 3777; ata.aruba; Arawak cave paintings and bats; see also Baranca Sunu (“Tunnel of Love”) and Huliba Cave.
Natural Bridge – windward side island; 011-297-582-3777;

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