Wednesday, July 27, 2011


(includes Klein Bonaire)


La Guernica – 4c Kaya Bonaire (Kralendijk); 011-599-717-5022;; on waterfront.
Hangout Bar – Lac Bay (Sorboron Beach, at Jibe City); 011-599-717-5233;; small “hangout bar” on beach that serves food, as well.
Karel’s Beach Bar – 12 Kaya J.N.E. Craane (Kralendijk); 011-599-717-8434;; old standby.

Blue Hole – huge green morays; jack and tarpon schools;
Carl’s Hill – off Klein Bonaire.
Ebo’s Reef – sand chutes sloughing off Klein Bonaire; reef-fish and sponges.
Forest – ubiquitous gorgonians and black coral “woodland”; big schools bonito, jack, etc.
Hilma Hooker – former drug-running boat.
Invisibles – among best sites for obtaining perspective on Bonaire’s “double reef”; even swim out to buoy worthwhile, with garden eels galore and stingrays basking in sand.
Karpata – distant northern dive, best approached by boat; great visibility; brain coral, gorgonians, and mysterious anchor.
Pink Beach.
1,000 Steps.
Red Slave.
Salt Pier.
Sharon’s Serenity – off Klein Bonaire.

Caribbean Club Bonaire – 50 Boulevard Santa Barbara (Kaya Barcadera, Kralendijk); 011-599-717-5489 or 800-906-7708;
Harbour Village Beach Club – 71 Kaya Gobernador N. Debrot (Kralendijk); 011-599-717-7500 or 800-424-0004;; lovely compound on good beach with full dive services, restaurant, and spa.

Maiky Snack – 30 Kaminda Nieuw Amsterdam (Kralendijk); 011-599-700-6785, 011-599-786-0086, or 011-599-525-1325;; try goat stew or salt fish; also, try drink called “Cactus Lemonade.”
Mona Lisa Bar & Restaurant – 15 Kaya Grandi (Kralendijk); 011-599-717-8718; Continental, Caribbean, and Indonesian fare; popular bar dishes include Wiener schnitzel and fresh fish with curry sauce; intimate stucco-and-brick dining room decorated with Dutch artwork, lace curtains, and whirring ceiling fans.
Tipsy Seagull – 80 J.A. Abraham Boulevard (Kralendijk, at Plaza Resort Bonaire); 011-599-717-2500;; waterfront restaurant; fresh ingredients and lovely, outdoor ambience.
Zeezicht Seaside Bar & Restaurant – 12 Kaya J.N.E. Craane (Kralendijk); 011-599-717-8434; sit on dock; 3 kitchens under one roof (fish, steak, and Japanese); open since 1900.

De Freewieler – 61 Kaya Grandi (Kralendijk); 011-599-717-8545;; bike rentals; can arrange tours to fit your abilities and interests.
Jibe City – Lac Bay (Sorboron Beach); 011-599-717-5233;; windsurfing equipment provider; small “hangout bar” on beach that serves food, as well.

Boca Slagbaai – Rincon Village (at Washington-Slagbaai National Park); picnic area & small beach; good snorkeling in Playa Funchi.
Boca Spelonk Lighthouse.
Bonaire National Marine Park – Barcadero (Kralendijk, headquarters); 011-599-717-8444;; world’s oldest marine reserve; includes waters around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire from high water line to 60 meters; 2.6K acres coral reef, mangrove, and sea grass.
Lac Bay – Kralendijk; for windsurfing and/or sitting on beach in rental chair; very clear water.
Lac Cai – Kralendijk; for flamingoes.
Seru Largu Hill – Nort Saliña (just north); best viewpoint on island; can see almost entire island.
Slave Huts – EEG Boulevard (Kralendijk);; 1t 2 places around Salt Lake (Pekelmeer at Kabayé & Peliké), you can see slave huts built in 1850; some years ago, restored huts to original state except no longer thatch-roofed; near these huts, 4 obelisks (blue, orange, red & white - like Dutch flag), used for navigation in early years.
Washington-Slagbaai National Park – Barcadero (Kralendijk); 011-599-788-9015;; Indian wall paintings.

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