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Komodo National Marine Park also notable for manta viewing (
Raja Ampat.
USS Houston – 9 miles off shore from Banten Bay (Banten Province).

Komodo Dancer – 209 Hudson Trace (Augusta, Georgia); 706-993-2531 or 800-348-2628;; live-aboard dive accommodations that are luxurious and perfect for dive vacations.

Bars & Nightclubs
Negev – 42 Jalan Jendral Gatot Subroto (Selatan, City Plaza at Wisma Mulia, Ground Floor); 011-62-21-529-71333;; cocktails and wine.
Kemang Icon by Alila – Jalan Kemang Raya 1 (Bangka); 011-62-21-719-7989;; extravagant, 12-room caravanserai occupying upper floors of opulent shopping center at gateway to chic Kemang district; intimate roof-top restaurant that adjoins large infinity pool; June-September are cooler and drier months; room called “Illusion” is spacious mirror hall on top floor with corner view overlooking Kemang.
Keraton at Plaza – 15 Jalan MH. Thamrin; 011-62-21-5068-0000;; 140 rooms with floor to ceiling windows.
Negev – 42 Jalan Jendral Gatot Subroto (Selatan, City Plaza at Wisma Mulia, Ground Floor); 011-62-21-529-71333;; Asian-European.
Benten – 98 JL Benda (Selatan); 011-62-21-781-2317;; women's fashion boutique.
Benten – 24 JL Pluit Barat Raya (Utara); 011-62-815-1001-8910 (appointment only);; women's fashion boutique.

Amanjiwo – Borobadur; 011-62-293-788-333 or 800-477-9180;; spa, infinity pool, and bar; made from limestone blocks with stupa-like roofs; spectacular views of Borobadur temple.
Losari Spa Retreat & Coffee Plantation – 011-62-298-596-333;; villas, some decorated with Javanese antiques; surrounded by 8 volcanos, 1 of which boiling; 2 dining rooms, library (in Dutch colonial building housing “clubhouse”), giant outdoor chess set, swimming pool, and spa.
Sights & Sites
Borobadur Temple – Magelang; open daily from 6 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.; sunrise visits arranged through hotels; on full moon holiday, Waisak, usually falling in May, Buddha’s birth celebrated with parades, etc.
Prambanan Temple – Magelang; open daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Ramayana Ballet performs at outdoor theater from May to October, scheduled around full moon.

Bars & Nightclubs
De Liv – 80 Jalan Semeru; 011-62-341-347-100; nightclub restaurant with odd photos: Brooklyn Bridge; “So You Think You Can Dance?” contestants.
Hotel Tugu – 3 Jalan Tugu; 011-62-341-363-891;; lovely.
Java Dancer Coffee – 12 Jalan Kahuripan; 011-62-341-819-9899; coffeehouse that meets international acceptance.
Martabak Cairo – 1 Jalan Tandean; 011-62-341-366-433; good goat satay; martabak is sort of stuffed crepe.
Toko Oen – 5 Jalan Jenderal Basuki Rakhmad; 011-62-341-364-052; Indonesian and Western food in airy, 81 year-old building.
Warung Subuh – 11-A Jalan Raya Langsep; 011-62-341-569-452; try satay komo (Indonesian beef satay).

Bars & Nightclubs
On On Pub – 21 Jalan Rinjani (at Hotel Candi Baru); 011-62-24-831-5272; friendly bar off beaten path; popular with expats.
Hotel Candi Baru – 21 Jalan Rinjani; 011-62-24-831-5272; beautiful but awkwardly run.
Kampung Laut – Komplek Puri Maerokoco; 011-62-24-761-7289.

Bars & Nightclubs
Lava Lounge – 40 Jalan Sumatra; 011-62-31-503-3003; cheap beer; popular with expats.
Hotel Majapahit – 65 Jalan Tunjungan; 011-62-31-545-4333;
Rawon Setan – 78-I Jalan Embong Malang; 011-62-31-700-9007; rawon is diced beef in “black soup” with rice; this warung is well-known, walls lined with Javanese soap opera stars’ pictures.
Kaha Tour & Travel – 1-3 Jalan Gubernur Suryo; 011-62-31-548-5500;; arranges discounts at hotels, among other things.

Roemahkoe Heritage Hotel – 501 Jalan Dr. Rajiman; 011-62-271-714-024;
Vervetto Coffee & Lounge – 4 Jalan Adisucipto; 011-62-271-737-788; hip café with excellent live music on Tuesday nights.

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