Saturday, August 27, 2011


Big Drop Off.
Blue Corner –; manta rays and sharks.
Blue Holes – cathedral-like space with “windows” that exit onto outer reef.
Chandelier Cave – otherwordly cave dive with no training required; 4 chambers filled with massive towers & more delicate formations.
Chuyo Maru (Lion Fish Wreck) – West Malakal Anchorage;; medium-sized costal freighter bombed during Operation Desecrate One in March-April 1944; large number lionfish reside in and on ship.
German Channel – hard corals on sandy bottom; mantas’ gill-cleaning station.
Helmet Wreck – Malakal Harbor (west of Koror); 189', submerged WWII Japanese ship.
Nikko Bay – ask to be taken by kayak to Disney Lake (1 of Palau’s 72 marine lakes, fed by seawater flowing through tunnel and seeping through limestone island); bizarre coral formations.
Peleliu Express – ripping currents make vertical wall among world’s most exciting drift dives; Napoleon wrasse, rays, and sharks; one of WWII’s worst battles fought here.
Rock Islands – access hidden marine lakes (such as Jellyfish Lake (see below) or Mandarin Fish Lake) and ancient coral colonies; make sure to visit Ngeremdiu Beach.
Ulong Channel – gray reef sharks and schooling jacks at channel mouth; coral walls.
USS Perry – in 240' water; sunk by mine in 1944.

Dragon Tei – Main Street (Koror, Ngeruktabel Island); 011-680-488-5429; Japanese.
Kramer’s Café – Pirate’s Cove (Koror, at Malakai Harbor); 011-680-488-8448.
Taj – Koror (next to Palau Community College); 011-680-488-2227;; Indian; frequented by Palau’s President.

Palau Aggressor II& Tropic Dancer – 209 Hudson Trace (Augusta, Georgia); 706-993-2531 or 800-348-2628; or; live-aboard dive accommodations that are luxurious and perfect for dive vacations.
Jungle River Boat Cruise – Shimizu River; 011-680-488-1188;
Sam’s Tours – Koror; 011-680-488-7267;; diving; also, tours (such as “must see” Babeldaob Island).

Babeldaob Island – all day land tour is must; takes you to ancient stone monoliths and WWII sites; Palau’s largest waterfall, Ngardmau.
German Lighthouse – Koror Harbor (Ngeruktabel Island);‎; built in 1903 & inactive since 1941; round stone tower, in ruins; tower top accessible via rusty exterior ladder; excellent views for photography.
Jellyfish Lake – Eil Malk Island (Rock Islands);
Mandarin Fish Lake – Risong Bay (south of Koror); secluded lagoon hidden between several of Rock Islands; in cove are 2 large coral heads rising off sandy bottom where beautiful Mandarin Fish (Synchiropus splendidus) reside; extremely shy & seen usually only at dusk or on very cloudy days.
Palau International Coral Reef Center – Koror; 011-680-488-6950;
Rock Islands WWII Shelter – Nikko Bay; ammunition shed built by Japanese during WWII up sheer limestone face; messages written in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, and Palauan.

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