Friday, August 26, 2011


(includes Bikini Atoll, Caroline Islands, Gilbert Islands, Mariana Islands, Marshall Islands, Nauru & Wake Island)


Chuuk (Truk)
Chuuk Lagoon –‎; protective reef, 225 kms around, enclosing natural harbor 79 by 50 kms (area = 2.1 sq kms); diving paradise, drawing wreck diving enthusiasts from around world to see numerous, virtually intact sunken ships; scattered mainly around Dublon, Eten, Fefan & Uman Islands, many shipwrecks lying in crystal clear waters less than 15 ms below surface in waters devoid of normal ocean currents; of special interest is submarine I-169 Shinohara wreck, lost when diving to avoid bombing (had participated in attack on Pearl Harbor); also, corals, manta rays, sharks & turtles; some ships classified as Japanese war graves; also worth diving are Fujikawa Maru (overflowing with marine life & war memorabilia), Nippo Maru (350' passenger cargo ship, with battle tank & anti-tank guns, as well as monolithic mast & picturesque wheelhouse) & Shinkoku Maru (highlights include fire-works-bright coral display and cool engine room gadgetry, as well as bathroom & sobering sick bay).

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