Wednesday, August 3, 2011


(includes Bratto & Erbusco)

A.I. Giardinini San Marco – 2 Piazzale della Repubblica; 011-39-335-123-2346;; popular happy hour locale.

Agnello D’Oro – 22 Via Gombito; 011-39-035-249-883;; traditional, family-run hotel on Citta Alta’s main street; 20 clean, simple rooms; has restaurant serving local specialties.
L’Albereta et Restaurant Gualtiero Marchesi – 23 Via Vittorio Emanuele; 011-39-030-776-0550;; Relais & Chateaux hotel; press button and your room’s ceiling disappears so you can see stars from 4-poster bed; former manor tucked away in century-old park of Franciacorta vines; Henri Chenot spa.
Gombit Hotel – 6 Via Mario Lupo; 011-39-035-247-009;; 13-room Design Hotel with contemporary interior; in Citta Alta; among city’s most upscale accommodation offerings; contrasts with surroundings: medieval street next to 13th Century tower.

L’Albereta et Restaurant Gualtiero Marchesi – 23 Via Vittorio Emanuele; 011-39-030-776-0550;; chef is maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, father of modern Italian cuisine.
Hotel Milano – 3 Via San Pellico (Bratto); 011-39-034-631-211;; popular local restaurant near hiking locales.
Taverna Valtellinese – 57 Via Tiraboschi; 011-39-035-243-331;; spacious, with wood floors and walls, checkered tablecloths; exceptionally high-caliber, reasonably-priced restaurant in Citta Bassa with cozy, warm feel.

Cup of Local Sugar –; owned by Rebecca Stasko; tours that include cooking classes.
Guja Ajolfi – Palazzo Moroni curator; offers walking tours.

A.I. Giardinini San Marco – 2 Piazzale della Repubblica; 011-39-335-123-2346;; art gallery.

Basilica della Santa Maria Maggiore – Passaggio Ca’ Longa; 011-39-035-223-327; church founded in 1137 on 8th Century church site (dedicated to St. Mary), which in turn erected over Roman temple of Clemence; on walls are tapestries, partly executed in Florence under Alessandro Allori’s design, partly of Flemish manufacture; painting by Luca Giordano, “Passage of Red Sea” (1691); on rear wall are tomb’s of composer Gaetano Donizetti and his mentor Simone Mayr; in presbytery, housing 6 bronze candelabra, is wooden choir with Biblical tale reliefs executed on designs by Lorenzo Lotto.
Bergamo Cathedral – Piazza Duomo; 011-39-03-527-1208;; Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to St. Alexander, city’s patron saint; rather squat building with brilliant white facade; among relics in side chapel is coffin of beatified Pope John XXII.
Chiesa di Santo Spirito – 102 Via Tasso; make sure to see Madonna with Child and Saints by Lorenzo Lotto.
Palazzo Moroni – 12 Via Porta Dipinta; 011-39-035-244-870; among most genuine Baroque art examples in Bergamo; building surrounded by wonderful garden dominated by 1300s tower; inside, monumental staircase leads to major rooms filled with Lombard painting masterpieces (G.B. Moroni, Evaristo Baschenis, Fra’ Galgario); curator is Guja Ajolfi.
Palazzo della Ragione – Piazza Vecchia; 011-39-035-399-503; oldest “town hall” in northern Italy; home of Accademia Carrara.
Palazzo Terzi – 2 Piazza Terzi; 011-39-035-232-749; considered by Herman Hesse to be “most beautiful corner in Italy.”
Piazza Vecchia – heart of city’s medieval part, called Citta Alta.
Teatro Donizetti – 15 Piazza Cavour; 011-39-035-416-0601;; operas and other musical performances.

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