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(does not include Phnom Penh or Siem Reap)

Aqua Expeditions –; luxury riverboat cruising in remote Mekong River areas between Cambodia & Vietnam.
Trails of Indochina –

BATTAMBANG (includes Chrey Kong & Wat Kor)
Bars & Nightclubs
Balcony Bar – 1 Street (1 mile south of town center, on Sangker River’s west bank); 011-855-81-208-106;; atmospheric.

Au Cabaret Vert – 154 Street; 011-855-53-656-2000;; eco-hotel; has French restaurant.
Bambu Battambang – Ko Street; 011-855-53-953-900;; 16 rooms (spread across 4,r raised wooden houses) with resort-like feel.
Maisons Wat Kor – Wat Kor; 011-855-17-555-377;; 8 rooms in 3 buildings modeled on historic neighbors.
Sanctuary Villa – Chrey Kong; 011-855-97-216-7168;; 7 silk-accented bungalows surrounding saltwater pool.
La Villa – N 185 Pom Romchek 5 Kom; 011-855-53-730-151;; 7 spacious rooms with charm & history dating to 1930s.

Cafe Eden – 85 Street 1; 011-855-77-534-840;; Cambodian comfort food; excellent.
Khmer Delight – 119 Street (1 block south of Psar Nath); 011-855-53-502-9777;; cheap, reliable, well-made local food.
Pomme d’Amour – 63 Street 2.5; 011-855-12-415-513; creative French-Khmer fusion cuisine.
Balcony Bar – 1 Street (1 mile south of town center, on Sangker River’s west bank); 011-855-81-208-106;; famous for burgers.
La Villa – N 185 Pom Romchek 5 Kom; 011-855-53-730-151;; fish curries & steaks nightly; for mature crowd, seated at candlelit tables under 100 year-old trees.

Som Sangva Sak – 011-855-12-599-890; this individual provides private architectural city tours & trips to outlying temples in countryside.

Sights & Sites
Heritage Protection Area –; across Sangker River; compact district containing 800 historic buildings, including 150 year-old Chinese temple & Psar Nath (city’s main market, housed in faded yellow Art Deco edifice with tiered roof and clock tower built in 1936).
Phare Ponleu Selpak – Anch Anh Village; 011-855-53-952-424;; hour-long circus performance.
Wat Kor –; village notable for old wooden houses; English-speakers should bring guide.

Sights & Sites
Chaa Ong Waterfalls – pretty waterfalls in small park.

Nataya Round House Coral Bay Resort – Prek Ampil (off Road 3); 011-855-88-402-8944;

Rikitikitavi – River Road; 011-855-12-235-102;; on balcony overlooking river; owned by Phnom Penh’s Intercontinental’s former sous chef.

Sights & Sites
Bokor National Park – Elephant Mountains (outside Kampot);; officially called Preah Monivong National Park; 1581 square km national park, mostly primary forest; home to globally endangered fauna such as tiger (recently photographed with camera traps), chestnut-headed partridge & green peafowl; in addition to rainforest, attractions include Popokvil Falls & abandoned French hill station of Bokor; other rare and threatened animals include Indian elephant, leopard, Asiatic black bear, Malayan sun bear, pileated gibbon, pig-tailed macaque, slow loris, red muntjac deer, lesser mouse deer, pangolin, yellow-throated martin, small Asian mongoose & various species of bat, civet, porcupine & squirrel; over 300 bird species, including several hornbill types.

Bars & Nightclubs
Sailing Club – Phum Thmey Sangkat Prey (Thom Khan Kep); 011-855-78-737-995;; good sunset drinks location.

Knai Bang Chatt – Phum Thmey Sangkat Prey (Thom Khan Kep); 011-855-78-737-995;; on country’s southern shore; stylish compound 3 hours from Phnom Penh; built by Khmer industrialists & influenced by Corbusier; 3 villas and 1 modern house; 11 minimalist chic rooms with elevated beds that face either Thailand Gulf or landscaped gardens; hikes to Buddhist temples & snorkeling around Rabbit Island; pool with canopy beds; avoid rainy season peak (mid-late September); book 2-story pool house.
Villa Romonea – Kampot Road (Prey Thom); 011-855-12-879-486;; Le Corbusier-style (built by Cambodian architect, Lu Ban Hap) mansion with 6 rooms looking out over Kampot Gulf.
Vine Retreat – Chamcar Bei Village (Phnom Vor, Pongteuk Commune, Damnak Chang Eur District); 011-855-71-555-7245;; on pepper plantation; guesthouse, organic farm & restaurant.

Breezes – Route 33 (between Kep Beach and pier); 011-855-97-675-9072; private tables on beach must be booked in advance.
Kimly – to left of restaurants at crab market along waterfront; 011-855-12-435-096; crab with Kampot pepper; shrimp tom yum soup.
Sailing Club – Phum Thmey Sangkat Prey (Thom Khan Kep); 011-855-78-888-556; good sunset meal location.
Seagull – Crab Market (Thmey Village, Sangkat Prey Thom); 011-855-23-686-0360 or 011-855-12-435-480; waterfront restaurant; try crab.

Koh Andet
Four Rivers Floating Lodge – Tatai Village; 011-855-976-434-032;; has to be seen; beautiful; 12 rooms in elaborately constructed tents; air-conditioning, king-size beds, and showers.
Rainbow Lodge – Tatai Village; 011-855-9974-4321 or 011-855-121-602-585;; several cabins in unique riverside setting on South Cardamom Mountains protected reserve’s edge.

Koh Sdach
Belinda Beach Resort – 011-855-17-517-517;; pricey but beautiful.

Koh Totang
Nomads Land – 011-855-11-916-171;; little paradise.

KOH RONG (30 minutes from Sihanoukville)
Angkor Chum – southwestern island portion; too-good-to-be-true budget hotel and restaurant; $15 includes beachfront bungalow at secluded cove edge and seafood meals.
Song Saa Private Island – Koh Ouen (off Sihanoukville coast); 011-855-23-686-0360;; 27 villa resort on 2 private islands, connected by wooden foot-bridge; on 2 small islands; snorkel with seahorses.

Independence – Street 2 Thnou, Sangkat 3; 011-855-34-943-3003;; stylishly refurbished in 2007; Sihanoukville’s most luxurious beachfront property.

Chhner Molop Chrey – Krong Street, Mondul 3 (along Victory Beach waterfront); 011-855-34-933-708; long-established seafood restaurant.

Sok Lim Tours – 011-855-12-719-872;

Rajana – 62 7 Makara Street (down alley); 011-855-23-993-642;; NGO operated crafts store.

Sights & Sites
Bokor Mountain – in area but often not accessible because roads closed; may have to ask ranger to take you in his jeep (about $40).

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