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(does not include Copenhagen)

Sights & Sites
Varna Palæet – 3 Ørneredevej (in Marselisborg Forest); 011-45-8614-0400;; built in 1908 by designs of Danish architect Eggert Achen (Neoclassical); today owned by Odd Fellows Society, which uses for activities; also houses restaurant; well-known landmark.

Sights & Sites
Silkeborg Museum – 7 Hovedgårdsvej; 011-45-8682-1499;; bog body (Tollund Man); local history museum in town’s oldest building, Silkebog Hovedgård, manor house dating from 1770.

Hotel Klippen – 50 Grevens Dal (Gudhjem); 011-45-5183-6022;; 300 meters from harbor; bar & café, along with large, furnished terrace with Baltic Sea views; all rooms have private bathroom with shower, some located just outside room; some with furnished terraces & sea views; daily breakfast available, as well as light snacks & sandwiches throughoutday.

Sights & Sites
Bornholm Museum of Art (Kunstmuseum) – 1 Otto Bruuns Plads (Gudhjem); 011-45-5648-4386;; architecturally cutting edge museum opened in 1993; among finest in Denmark; panoramic ocean views across to Christiansoe; works by Edvard Weie, Karl Isakson, Olaf Rude, Kræsten Iversen, Niels Lergaard & Oluf Høst; café where you can sit back & admire not only art, but also terrific landscape.
Helligdomsklipperne (Sanctuary Rocks) – 5 kms outside Gudhjem;; high rock formations.
Oluf Høst Museum – 35 Løkkegade (Gudhjem); 011-45-5648-5038;; housed in Oluf Høst home (Norresân (Nørresand)), which he designed in 1929 & lived until his death in 1966; ideal setting for his drawings, paintings & sketches; large rock garden is in itself worth visit with its 3 terraces & high vertical cliffs; on upper terrace is summer studio overlooking Gudhjem & sea on 3 sides.

Streymoy Island
Sights & Sites
Niğri á Toft – off Víkarvegur;; 10th-11th Century Viking house remains.

Hotel Føroyar – 45 Oyggjarvegur; 011-298-317-500;
Aarstova – 1 Gogin; 011-298-333-000;; traditional; braised lamb.
Restaurant Hafnia – 4 10 Aarvegur; 011-298-313-233;; nice view from roof; modern.
Koks – 45 Oyggjarvegur (at Hotel Føroyar); 011-298-317-500;
Sights & Sites
National Museum of Faroe Islands – 6 Brekkutún; 011-298-340-500;; items that tell Faroe Island history (culture, etc., from Viking and Middle Ages), ranging from farming to maritime life; includes Kikjubøstólarnir (St. Olav’s Church’s (Ólavskirkjan) original benches); also worth seeing is Heima á Garði, farmhouse in Hoyvík (near Tórshavn), main building of which built around 1812 and furnished like Faroese houses were in 1920s.

Sights & Sites
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – 13 Gl. Strandvaj; 011-45-4919-0719;; excellent Giacometti collection; café has lovely strait views.

Sights & Sites
Herning Museum of Contemporary Art (HEART) – 8 Birk Centerpark; 011-45-9712-1033;; architecturally striking with crumpled concrete walls and sleeve-like roof, evoking shirts (for good reason: building pays tribute to collection’s founder, Danish shirt manufacturer and passionate art collector Aage Damgaard).

Bars & Nightclubs
Chhat Food & Winebar – 35B Blavandvej; 011-45-021-33-53-33;; beer & wine; if weather good, ask for terrace seating.
Chhat Food & Winebar – 35B Blavandvej; 011-45-021-33-53-33;; simple brasserie food with modern Scandinavian vibe; if weather good, ask for terrace seating.

herregardskaelderen – 2 Sonderskovgardvej; 011-45-075-38-38-66;; basement dining with wine matching in ancient vaulted kitchen of elegant manor house with exquisite country garden.

Britannia – 24 Torvegade; 011-45-075-13-01-11;; centrally located, classically furnished Danish hotel; excellent value for money.
Hjerting Badehotel – 1 Strandpromendaden (in village north of Esbjerg); 011-45-075-11-70-00;; charming, 100 year-old seaside hotel situated right on boardwalk; spectacular sea views; restaurant serves imaginative prepared local fare.
Strandpavilionen – 1 Strandpromenaden; 011-45-075-11-70-00;; charming restaurant overlooking sea; fresh, local seafood, imaginatively presented.

Bars & Nightclubs
Fanø Bryghus – 5 Strandvejen (Nordby); 011-45-076-66-01-12;; famous craft brewery; check with locals and/or webpage to learn if Jesper Danneberg Voss will be barbecuing oysters onsite & if so, make special trip.
Kellers Badehotel & Spisehus – 48 Strandvejen (Nordby); 011-45-075-16-30-88;; for schnapps, especially.
Sønderho Kro – 11 Kropladsen (Sønderho); 011-45-075-16-40-09;; 18th Century Inn, exquisitely authentic to period, with wood paneling, dark walls & textiles in tiny floral patterns; place for leisurely, romantic dinners.
Kellers Badehotel & Spisehus – 48 Strandvejen (Nordby); 011-45-075-16-30-88;; pretty, seaside cafeteria with large terrace perfect for fair-weather dining.
Rudbecks Ost & Deli – 90 Hovegaden (Nordby); 011-45-024-93-85-05;; try bakskuld, traditional Danish, smokehouse-cured sand dabs.
Gitta Foldberg Design – 25b Hovegaden (Nordby); 011-45-029-24-82-52;; jewelry & textile designer.
Rudbecks Ost & Deli – 90 Hovegaden (Nordby); 011-45-024-93-85-05;; notable for ice cream & organic bread, as well as home churned butter.
Sights & Sites
Hannes Hus Museum – 7 Osterland (Nordby); 011-45-075-16-44-29; furnished, 18th Century captain’s house.

Henne Kirkeby Kro – 234 Strandvejen; 011-45-075-25-54-00;; updated historic inn offering stylish modern decor; Michelin starred restaurant; rooms include breakfast.
Henne Molle A Badehotel – 6 Hennemolleavej; 011-45-075-52-40-00;; built by one of Denmark’s most famous lighting designers; simple motel notable for fabulously secluded setting amid dunes, close to sea; decent dinner table; affordable.
Henne Kirkeby Kro – 234 Strandvejen; 011-45-075-25-54-00;; Paul Cunningham’s Michelin starred restaurant; tasting menu.
Keramiker Kirsten Winther Johannsen – 9 Frederiksberg; 011-45-023-84-99-54;; beautiful pottery sold out of home.

Hotel Arnbjerg – 2 Arnbjergalle (easy walk from Varde); 011-45-075-21-11-00;; cosy, simple hotel in parkland setting.
Sights & Sites
Danish North Sea Nature Park – stretches from Blavandshuk to Nymindegab; 011-45-075-27-18-00;
Wadden Sea National Park – 30 Havnebyvej (Rømø); 011-45-072-54-36-34;; Danish part of UNESCO’s Wadden Sea World Heritage Site; covers Danish part of Wadden Sea from Ho Bugt to German border (includes Fanø, Mandø & Rømø Islands, as well as Skallingen, Varde valley & many marshlands of Tjæreborgmarsken, Ribemarsken, Margrethekogen & De Ydre Diger in Tøndermarsken); Wadden Sea is internationally known as resting place for millions of migratory birds (more than 10M pass through Wadden Sea twice yearly); large flocks of European starlings fly in formations known as sort sol.

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