Monday, January 21, 2013


Sights & Sites
Djingareyber Mosque – Old Town (west of Place de l’Indépendance);; initial construction dates to Sultan Kankan Moussa, returning from Mecca pilgrimage; rebuilt and enlarged between 1570-1583 by Timbuktu Qadi Imam Al Aqib, who added all southern part and wall surrounding cemetery located to west; central minaret dominates city; can enter but sometimes need guide; interior is forest of 100 sturdy pillars; interconnecting rooms with holes in wall at ground level (before microphones, worshippers who could not hear imam could look through into main prayer hall to see when to pray); separate women’s section, from close to which stairs lead up onto roof (ask permission before climbing up) for good views over town and out towards desert; don’t point camera south because police building in vicinity; muezzin still climbs pyramidal minaret, with its wooden struts, to call faithful to prayer.
Sankore Mosque – Old Town;; built in 14th Century; restored by Timbuktu Qadi Imam Al Aqib between 1578-1582 (had sanctuary demolished and rebuilt according to Kaaba dimensions).
Sidi Yahia Mosque – Old Town;; south of Sankore Mosque; built around 1400 by marabout Sheik El Moktar Hamalla in anticipation of holy man who appeared 40 years later as Cherif Sidi Yahia, who was then chosen as Imam; restored in 1577-1578 by Timbuktu Qadi Imam Al Aqib.

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