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Mark Thornton Safaris – 18 Saddle Road (Devil’s Peak, Cape Town); 011-255-78-754-1686; or; National Geographic’s highest rated African outfitter.

Gibbs Farm – Rift Valley; 011-255-27-253-4397;; small lodge from which guests can hike to Ngorongoro Crater area.

Lake Natron
Lake Natron – close to Kenyan border, in Gregory Rift; flamingoes & animals turned to stone.
Ol Doinyo Lengai (Mountain of God) – overlooks Lake Natron; drive down to area is hot & harsh, terrain is black & grey for miles around; uniquely produces natrocarbonatite lava.

Kilwa Kisiwani
Sights & Sites
Kilwa Ruins – Lindi District;; great East African port remains (admired by early European explorers); from 13th-16th Centuries, Kilwa merchants dealt in gold, silver, pearls, perfumes, Arabian crockery, Persian earthenware and Chinese porcelain; much Indian Ocean trade thus passed through their hands; UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lua Cheia Beach Camp – Bweni; 011-255-777-424-588;; high-end tent camping along private beach on island’s extremely excluded north end.
Mafia Island Lodge – 20 minutes outside Kilindoni; 011-255-786-303-049;; ideally situated for diving and snorkeling in rich reefs along Chole Bay.
Ras Mbisi – Ras Mbisi (Kilindoni); 011-255-754-663-739;; “luxury bandas” (open-air coconut-wood cabins with hot showers and queen beds).
Coastal Aviation – 107 Upanga Road (Dar es Salaam); 011-255-602-430 or 011-255-602-431;; can fly into Mafia Island.
Tropical Air – Creek Road, Darajani (Stone Town, Zanzibar); 011-255-24-223-2511;; can fly into Mafia Island.
Sights & Sites
Mafia Island Marine Park – located near River Rufiji delta, about 120 kms south of Dar es Salaam; history goes back to 8th Century when played major ancient trade role between Far East and mainland Tanzania; major activities are scuba, snorkeling, sport fishing, and beach and off-shore island excursions; places worth visiting include Chole Bay, Jibondo Pass, Kinasi Pass Islets, Kitutia, and Mange Reef; about 1 km off island’s western shoreline, 200 m deep contour along seabed that acts as aquarium hosting numerous marine species; excellent scuba diving; October to March end best months for diving; for non-divers, months between May-October offer best weather.

Sights & Sites
Songo Mnara
– Lindi District;; Swahili stone town, dominated by well-preserved remains of more than 40 large domestic room-blocks, 5 mosques & numerous tombs.

Tarangire National Park
Chem Chem Safari Lodge – Vilima Vitatu; 011-255-78-337-9765;; lies between Tarangire National Park’s immense savannas and Lake Manyara’s bird–rich waters; lodge is nestled in palm oasis with panoramic Rift Valley western escarpment views; 8 luxurious tents designed to complement lush surroundings; each offers elegant bedroom, reading room, full bathroom, outside shower, and wooden deck area; tented lodge is located in small private concession where one can experience unforgettable walking safaris and bird watching excursions.

Serengeti National Park
Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp – Serengeti Plain; 011-254-20-284-2333 or 800-525-4800;; situated between crocodile-rich Grumeti & Mbalageti Rivers, blufftop camp furnished in Edwardian style.
Mwiba Lodge – Mwiba Wildlife Reserve (Serengeti National Park);
Singita Grumeti Reserves – Serengeti Plain; 011-27-21-683-3424;; tented camp; abundant wildlife, animal migrations, and endangered species; open-air showers and authentic African art and furnishings; 3 splendid lodgings (Faru Faru, Sabora & Sasakwa) within 34K tract adjacent to Serengeti National Park; Sasakwa is most sumptuous (7 suites styled as colonial manor houses), Sabor has 6 furnished tents on open plain; Faru Faru has 6 tents on Grumeti River in wooded area; June-August for best wildebeest migration (1.5M); Faru Faru’s Tent 6 has best river view.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Ngorongoro Crater Lodge – Ngorongoro Crater; 011-255-27-11-809-4314;; mud-&-thatch roof, doomed buildings house suites with chandeliers; floor-to-ceiling windows view crater.

(semi-autonomous Tanzanian region)
Africa House – Shangani Street (Stone Town); 011-255-777-432-340;; converted from gentleman’s club founded under British colonial rule; rich in atmosphere; terrace is popular gathering spot for predinner drinks with sunset over Indian Ocean.

Big Wall – impressive coral reef drift dive; powerful current.

Africa House – Shangani Street (Stone Town); 011-255-777-432-340;; converted from gentleman’s club founded under British colonial rule; rich in atmosphere.
Baraza Resort & Spa – Bwejuu; 011-255-774-440-330/331/332;; resembles sultan’s palace; can arrange through Pure Zanzibar (see below).
Dongwe Ocean View – Michamvi Pingwe; 011-255-777-88-5515;; more affordable but beautiful establishment on beach.
Essque Zalu Resort & Spa – northern shore (about 1 hour from Nungwi); 011-255-778-683-960;; Ocean View Suites are villa style rooms, with over 500' square of space; large king beds with canopies; fronted by 200' square patio; large bathrooms include oversized, walk-in showers; most have full-on ocean views (no beach so sea front suites overlook small 15' cliff to ocean); 3 restaurants, 2 in main resort building and 1 on jetty over Indian Ocean.
Kilindi – northern shore; 011-255-24-223-1954;; beautiful white pavilions on northern beach.
Mashariki Palace – Hurumzi Street (Zanzibar Town); 011-255-24-223-7232;; 18 spacious rooms.
Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel – northern peninsula; 011-255-24-223-3767;
Residence – Mchamgamle (Kizimkazi); 011-255-24-555-5000;; 66 villas (27 oceanside) spread over 80 acres.
Tembo House Hotel – Forodhani Street (Stone Town); 011-255-24-223-3005;; well-appointed waterfront lodging in former wealthy merchant home; rooms are spacious, decorated with Oriental and Zanzibari antiques, furniture, and ornaments, with wooden balconies overlooking courtyard pool.
Zamani Retreat Kempinski – Kiwengwa; 011-255-774-444-477;; holistic spa; expensive.
Zanzibar Serena Inn – Kelele Square (Stone Town); 011-255-242-233-587;; near Africa House and known for pampering.

Tower Top Restaurant – 236 Hurumzi Street (Stone Town, on Emerson and Green Hotel’s roof); 011-255-747-423-266;; stunning views over Indian Ocean and Stone Town; Arabian style seating, on pillows at low tables.
Forodhani Gardens – waterfront (by House of Wonders); open-air night market; point to raw seafood skewers and cooks grill in front of you.

Pure Zanzibar – Little Waterham Farm (Faversham, Kent); 011-44-12-2775-3180;; travel company founded by Tarquin Barnsby.

Stone Town – Zanzibar City’s (Unguja Mjini) old center; Mji Mkongwe, in Swahili (meaning “ancient town”); built on triangular peninsula on island’s western coast; narrow alley warren of bazaars, houses, mosques, and shops; large and ornately carved wooden doors and other unusual features.

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