Sunday, March 17, 2013


Banyan Tree al Wadi – Al Mazraa; 011-971-07-206-7777;; luxurious, secluded dune-facing rooms; spa.
Sights & Sites
Dhayah Fort – 5 kms from town;; 19th Century fortress built on 16th Century foundations; served military purposes; situated on hill top, reached by concrete, winding stairway; wonderful views over coast, date palm gardens, and mountains.
National Museum of Ras al-Khaimah – Al-Hisn Road; 011-971-07-233-3411; set in imposing, 18th Century gypsum and stone building, with wonderful wind tower; former Qawassim rulers’ residence (until 1970s); thoughtfully curated collection includes exhibits on archaeology, ethnography, natural history, and Qawassim tribe; highlights include intricately patterned Iron-Age softstone vessels, 18th Century terracotta urns, and other splendid artefacts from Julfar, UAE’s biggest port from 13-18th Centuries, and Shamal.
Sheikh Zayed Mosque – Juma Sheikh Zayed Mosque Street(at Al Nahdah Street);

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