Saturday, March 2, 2013


(includes Klosters)


KaffeeKlatsch – 72 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-413-3016;; for good simple breakfast or brunch, as well as best coffee in town; 2 stories; try for corner table by window with view.
Schneider’s – 68 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-420-0000;; baked goods, chocolates & coffee.

Chämi Bar – 83 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-413-5555; chä; smallish; popular with locals.
EX Bar – 63 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-413-5645;; since 1965.
Pöstli Club – 42 Promenade (Platz, at Morosani Hotel); 011-41-081-415-4500;; winter-only nightclub open Thursday to Saturday nights.
Tijuana – 15 Talstrasse (Platz); 011-41-081-413-2410;
X-Ray Bar – Schatzalp (at Hotel Schatzalp); 011-41-081-415-5151;; in former sanitorium x-ray room; worth special trip.

Hotel Flüela – 5 Bahnhofstrasse (Dorf); 011-41-081-410-1717; more than 150 years after its opening, this solidly-built, thick-walled hotel still managed by same family; focused entirely on winter (not summer) lodgings; unadorned beige facade conceals elegantly cozy and rustic interior with comfortable and well-furnished bedrooms, each fitted with cozy appointments and state-of-art plumbing; most bedrooms renovated.
Grischa Hotel – 3 Talstrasse (Platz); 011-41-081-414-9797;; 93 rooms and suites.
Morosani Posthotel – 42 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-415-4500;; 3 buildings connected by rustically decorated, underground tunnel; cozy lobby has open fireplace; bedrooms are spacious.
Steigenberger Belvedere – 89 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-415-6000;; most famous and prestigious hotel in Davos; light-gray neoclassical building on main road; originally built around 1875, purchased in 1980s and lavishly upgraded; interior has intricately carved fireplaces, ornate ceilings, and well-polished bar; choose modern, Belle Epoque, or regionally-decorated room (many with furniture crafted from arvenholz, local wood); visit pool for murals: Tahitian lagoon with flamingos and lifelike jungle plants that sway in imaginary breeze and seem to grow out of pool.
Hotel Schaltzalp – Schatzalp; 011-41-081-415-5151;; about 950' above town on quiet, car-free slope; spectacular hotel transports back to grand spa days, when once used as sanatorium; decorated in elegant, Belle Epoque style, though many salons have modern touches like exotic fabrics & contemporary furnishings; described in Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain, vast hotel has grounds to match, with fun features like long, hillside slide in summer & 2½-km sled run in winter; all south-facing guest rooms have balconies overlooking looming mountain range; spend summer afternoons enjoying breeze on long veranda or visiting hotel’s botanical garden (high-altitude plants from 5 continents); alternatively, relax in 1 of 3 sauna & steam rooms; accessible only by own funicular, Schatzalp-Bahn, 4-minute ride from Davos-Platz near Hotel Europe; slopes above hotel host Europe’s 1st “slow mountain” for ski/snowboard enthusiasts who don’t feel need for speed.
Hotel Seehof Davos – 159 Promenade; 011-41-081-417-9444;; among most traditional hotels in Alps; imposing exterior view; located next to famous railway station Parsenn for over 140 years; 3 restaurants, spa, swimming pools, sauna, gym, relaxation room with fireplace.
Walserhof – 141 Landstrasse (Klosters); 011-41-081-410-2929;; hospitality, personal service, and joie de vivre; intimate hotel, located in region’s most beautiful site; ski resort with idyllic village charm; excellent restaurant.

Panorama – Schatzalp (at Hotel Schatzalp); 011-41-081-415-5151;; tables overlook mountain range.
Bistro Gentiana – 53 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-413-5649;; in gold-colored building opposite Hotel Schweizerhof; known for 10 different fondue dishes, as well as for unusual dishes prepared with snails; bustling and unpretentious, cozy, alpine environment; desserts include local pears in cinnamon syrup, honey-flavored ice cream, and chocolate mousse; make sure to at least see 2 formal upstairs dining rooms, whose focal point is blue-toned Ernst Ludwig Kirchner painting.
Bündnerstübli – 1 Tobelmuehlestrasse (at Central Sport Hotel); 011-41-081-415-8200;; for capuns (dumplings made from dried meat, wheat flour, eggs, and herbs, all wrapped in Swiss chard) and pizokel (dish somewhere between German spaetzle and noodle-based hash).
Pulsa Fonduestube – 3 Talstrasse (Platz, at Grischa Hotel); 011-41-081-414-9797; fondue.
Fondue-Stübli – 4 Berlistutz (Platz, at Hotel Alte Post); 011-41-081-413-5403;; for fondue, raclette, capuns, and pizokel.
Schneider’s – 68 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-420-0000;; for capuns and pizokel.

Davos to Klosters Train – 4 Talstrasse (Platz); 011-41-081-288-3250;
Davos-Dorf Tourist Office – 67 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-415-2121;
eau la la – 90 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-413-6463;; spa.
Kutschen-Zentrale Davos – 31 Hofstrasse (Platz); 011-41-081-413-5000;; sleigh rides.

Bundnerland Davos – 73 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-413-1470;; gift shop, market & specialty foods.
Gourmet Kach – 74 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-081-413-0805; cheeses.
Kindschi Distillery Shop – 13 Seehornstrasse (Dorf); 011-41-081-410-1616;

Berghotel Schatzalp – Schatzalp; 011-41-081-415-5151;; extensive hiking trails; do waterfall loop; 116 acres.
Biervision Monstein – 36 Hauptstrasse (Monstein); 011-41-081-420-3060;; brewery-distillery.
Davos Sports Centre – 41 Talstrasse (Platz); 011-41-081-415-3600;
Kirchner Museum Davos – 82 Promenade (Platz); 011-41-81-413-2202;
Schatzalp Funicular – Schatzalp-Strela Bahnen (Platz); 011-41-081-415-5280;
Vaillant Arena (Eisstadion Davos) – 41 Talstrasse (Platz); 011-41-081-415-3600;

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