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(includes Le Cannet, Eze, Golfe-Juan & Vallauris)

L’Amiral – 73 Boulevard de la Croisette (Cannes); 011-33-4-9298-7300;; Gerard Depardieu is regular patron.
Grand Hotel – 45 Boulevard de la Croisette (Cannes); 011-33-4-9338-1545;; sit on outdoor terrace.
Le Petit Majestic – 6 Rue Tony Allard (Cannes); 011-33-4-9339-9492;; where old-time Hollywood drinks.

Cap Estel – 1312 Avenue Raymond Poincare (Eze); 011-33-4-9376-2929;; on own, 5-acre peninsula between Monte Carlo and Nice.
Chateau de la Chevre D’Or – Rue du Barri (Eze); 011-33-4-9210-6666;; on cliff with spectacular views; 2 star restaurant.
Chateau Eza – Rue de la Pise (Eze); 011-33-4-9341-1224;
Hotel du Chateau de la Tour – 10 Avenue Font de Veyre (La Bocca); 011-33-4-9390-5252;; affordable; 34 rooms; ocean views and pool.
Chateau St.-Martin & Spa – Avenue des Templiers; 011-33-4-9293-5802;; old-world castle appeal; junior suites have panoramic views from terraces.
1835 White Palm Hotel – 1 Boulevard Jean Hibert; 011-33-4-9299-5010;
Intercontinental Carlton – 58 Boulevard de la Croisette (Cannes); 011-33-8-0090-6569;; Belle Epoque mainstay with beachfront Hollywood ambience; beautiful views.
Majestic Barriere – 10 Boulevard de la Croisette (Cannes); 011-33-4-9298-7700;; recently renovated; seafront building with elegant suites.

Aux Bons Enfants – 80 Rue Meynadier (Cannes); 011-33-4-9338-5214; rustic, family-run restaurant that serves Provencal dishes like tarragon-baked rabbit; cheap.
Restaurant Felix – 63 Boulevard de la Croisette (Cannes); 011-33-4-9394-0061;; seafood.
L’Atelier Jean-Luc Pele – 36 Rue Meynadier (Cannes); 011-33-4-9338-0610;; chocolates; Createur de Gout.
Café Lenotre – 63 Rue d’Antibes (Cannes); 011-33-4-9706-6767;; excellent espresso and pastries.
Chateau de la Chevre d’Or – Rue du Barri (Eze); 011-33-4-9210-6666;; on cliff with spectacular views; 2 star restaurant.
Mantel – 22 Rue St. Antoine (Cannes); 011-33-4-9339-1310;; small, outdoor seating.
Le Maschou – 15 Rue St. Antoine (Cannes); 011-33-4-9339-6221; simpler than Mantel.
La Rotisserie – Avenue des Templiers (at Chateau St.-Martin & Spa); 011-33-4-9293-5802;; open plan.
Le St.-Martin – Avenue des Templiers (at Chateau St.-Martin & Spa); 011-33-4-9293-5802;; 2 Michelin stars.
Le Table du Chef – 5 Rue Jean Daumas; 011-33-4-9368-2740; low-key little bistro; friendly welcome, quality traditional cuisine, and in fixed menu (4 courses) in evening.
Chez Tetou – Avenue des Freres Roustan (Golfe-Juan); 011-33-4-9363-7116; great eating place of all ‘40’s and ‘50’s famous people. Local Domaine Ott rose goes with everything. Famous for bouillabaise, rouille de mer, beignets, etc.
3.14 La Plage – 5 Rue Francois Einesy (Cannes); 011-33-4-9299-7200;; although hotel is bit flashy, beach club offshoot is popular for lunch.
Villa Archange – Rue Notre Dame des Anges (in Le Cannet); 011-33-4-9218-1828; coolest place for under-chestnut-tree dining; 18th Century country house in woodsy park; traditional southern French cooking.
Zplage Beach Restaurant – 73 La Croisette (at Hotel Martinez); 011-33-04-9298-7422;; exclusive beachclub & restaurant.

Chateau St.-Martin & Spa – Avenue des Templiers; 011-33-4-9293-5802;; La Prairie products.
HO2 Thermes Marins – 1 Boulevard Jean Hibert (at 1835 White Palm Hotel); 011-33-4-9299-5010;; spa.

Cine-Folie – 14 Rue des Freres Pradignac (Cannes); 011-33-4-9339-2299; film bookshop with over 60 years of Cannes film festival posters.
Venulys – 6 Rue Buttura; 011-33-4-9368-5245;; perfumes.

Château de l’Horizon – off Route de Cannes/D6007 (Vallauris, on Golfe-Juan, wedged between Route du Bord de Mer (D 6098) & coast);âteau_de_l%27Horizon; in 1932, Maxine Elliott (1868–40) built directly on Golfe-Juan coast imposing villa, which magazine Punch later described as “white palace set on water”; actress spent $350K for structure anchored on rocks with private port; Elliott then received in her new summer residence celebrities: Lloyd George, Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Winston Churchill & Noël Coward; Elsa Maxwell claimed – albeit without providing sources – that on eve of WWII, villa served as meeting place for Anthony Eden and French & Italian homologues; Elliott died in 1940; after WWII, villa rented for time by Rosita Winston, wife of American billionaire, whose guests included Greta Garbo, Jack L. Warner & Maurice Chevalier (her husband maintained, however, not to have “faintest idea who they are or how they got invited. Trouble is that they all know each other so damn well.”; in 1948, villa was purchased by Prince Ali Khan; international café society, as well as “aristocracy of French Riviera,” continued to make villa center of attention for press; on May 27, 1947, prince married Rita Hayworth at Vallauris town hall; in 1979, future Saudi King Fahd, acquired villa; Saudi royal family kept adding new buildings to original one, changing thoroughly its appearance; Barry Dierks, architect, utilized topography to design long building of which nearly all of rooms open to sea & horizon, hence name.
Musee Bonnard – 16 Boulevard Sadi Carnot (Le Cannet); 011-33-4-9394-0606;
Musee de la Castre – Le Suquet; 011-33-04-9338-5526;; in medieval castle once occupied by Lérins monks; displays primitive Mediterranean antiquities & art, landscape painting collections, and musical instruments; square tower has exceptional 360° panoramic view.
Musee National Picasso Vallauris – Place de la Liberation; 011-33-49-364-7183;; includes War and Peace memorial (striking mural painted in tunnel-like atmosphere).

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