Friday, March 16, 2012


Adriano’s – 2 Theaterplatz; 011-41-031-318-8831;; good coffee.
Beck Glatz Confiseur – 1 Marktgass-Passage; 011-41-031-300-2024;; good coffee.

Bellevue Palace – 3-5 Kochergasse (Terrace Bar); 011-41-031-320-4545;; luxurious Art Nouveau hotel; offers sweeping Alps views (you can see Jungfrau fro deck); stiff cocktails; try Fancy Hendrick’s (cucumber syrup and lemon juice).
Dachstock – 8 Neubruckstrasse (at Reitschule); 011-41-031-306-6969;; bar servicing performance art venue.
Frauenraum – 8 Neubruckstrasse (at Reitschule); 011-41-031-306-6969;; among city’s few lesbian-centric spots.

Bellevue Palace – 3-5 Kochergasse; 011-41-031-320-4545;; luxurious Art Nouveau hotel; offers sweeping Alps views.
Hotel Landhaus – 4-6 Altenbergstrasse; 011-41-031-331-4166;; on old city’s eastern tip; basic but comfortable rooms.
Hotel Schweizerhof – 11 Bahnhofplatz; 011-41-031-326-8080;; 99-rooms; 150 years old.

Adriano’s – 2 Theaterplatz; 011-41-031-318-8831;; good for lunch; try Meh-he-he sandwich (goat cheese, arugula, dried figs, and honey).
Altes Tram Depot – 6 Grosser Muristalden; 011-41-031-357-1515;; good beer and lunch; try bacon and onion spaetzle.
Le Mazot – 5 Baerenplatz; 011-41-031-311-7088;; fondu in traditional atmosphere; no self-respecting Bernese has fondue other than in fall and winter, fyi.
Lotschberg – 16 Zeughausgasse; 011-41-031-311-3455;; fondu in modern atmosphere; call ahead to reserve table in gondola car parked outside.
Marzilibrucke – 8 Gasstrasse (Marzili); 011-41-031-311-2780;; Sunday brunch venue, starting at 10 a.m.
Restaurant Luce – 28 Zeughausgasse; 011-41-031-310-9999; tiramisu is worth trip for dessert alone; huge portion.
Rosengarten – 31b Alter Aargauerstalden; 011-41-031-331-3206;; garden restaurant serves good lunches, like pork saltimbocca and saffron risotto; affordable.
Schwellenmatteli – 1 Dalmaziquai; 011-41-031-350-5001;; riverside dining on deck cantilevered over Aare River; Italian-Mediterranean food (stick to Italian).
Sous le Pont – 8 Neubruckstrasse (at Reitschule); 011-41-031-306-6969;; restaurant serving performance art venue where.
Zehendermatteli – 161 Reichenbachstrasse (about 3.5 miles from downtown, on city’s far north side); 011-41-031-301-5447;; working farm and restaurant.

Bern Tourism Office – Bahnhofplatz (main railway station); 011-41-031-328-1212;; rent iPod for self-guided walking tour of city’s oldest parts; make sure to see cannonball scarring at Mattenenge 2, where Bernese rebels (who knew there were any? what could they be angry about?) fired in 1802.

Beck Glatz Confiseur – 1 Marktgass-Passage; 011-41-031-300-2024;
Confiserie Tschirren – 73 Kramgasse; 011-41-031-812-2122;; family making chocolate in Bern since 1919.
Glanz & Gloria – 48 Brunngasse; 011-41-031-311-1950;; vintage women’s clothing.
Heimatwerk – 61 Kramgasse; 011-41-031-311-3000;; souvenirs and tschotchkes.
Open-Air Market – Parliament Square (Bundeshausplatz); open every Saturday and Tuesday morning; artisan butchers and cheesemakers.

BaerenPark – 6 Grosser Muristalden; 011-41-031-357-1515;; 64.5K' square grassy enclosure housing city’s mascots (brown bears named Bjork and Finn).
Grindelwald –; municipality that also includes settlements of Alpiglen, Burglauenen, Grund, Itramen, Mühlebach, Schwendi, Tschingelberg & Wargistal.
Mahogany Hall – 18 Klosterlistutz; 011-41-031-328-5200;; live jazz venue since 1968; on river, next to BaerenPark.
Reitschule – 8 Neubruckstrasse; 011-41-031-306-6969;; performance art venue where, on Friday nights, white-collar professionals and purple-haired punks sit side by side, drinking beer at the nearby Sous le Pont restaurant.
Rosengarten – 31b Alter Aargauerstalden; 011-41-031-331-3206;; views of city, in addition to pretty garden.
Zentrum Paul Klee – 3 Monument im Fruchtland; 011-41-031-359-0101;; designed by Renzo Piano and worth visiting if only for architecture.

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