Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Bakeries, Coffee, Ice Cream, Juice & Tea
Cafe Paris – Calle España (Plaza, on corner); 011-591-4-450-3561; for coffee.
Residencial Familiar – 554 Sucre; 011-591-4-422-7988; hostal; in old colonial building with rooms placed around courtyard with fountain; $9 night, with private bathroom.
Cafe Paris – Calle España (Plaza, on corner); 011-591-4-450-3561.
Chicharronería Doña Amanda – (out near bus station); hole-in-wall, with dozens families gathered around tables under white tent, chomping on huge pork chunks cooked in pots over wood-burning stove; wash down with pitchers of either chicha (alcoholic) or mogonchinchi (nonalcoholic drink made from dehydrated peaches, clove and cinnamon).
Doña Pola – 275 Avenida America Norte (at Avenida Gualberto Villarroel); 011-591-4-428-1015; criollo.
Sights & Sites
Cathedral – Plaza 14th de Septiembre; 16th Century.
Mercado Cancha Calatayud – sprawls across wide area along Avenida Aroma and south toward former railway station.
Plaza – Plaza 14th de Septiembre; city center.

Hotel Santa Ana – 611 Avenida 25th de Mayo; 011-591-3-855-3900; comfortable and affordable; private bathrooms, hot water, and ceiling fans.
Los Cocos – Avenida Alto de la Alianza; huge bife de chorizo steak and bottle of Huari beer runs $8.50.

Sights & Sites
Salar De Uyuni (Salar de Tunupa) – Uyuni;; world’s largest salt flats; 50-70% world’s lithium reserves; major pink flamingo breeding ground; hotels in area constructed almost entirely (walls, roof & furniture) built with salt blocks; worth special trip.

Hostal República – 1455 Calle Comercio (at Bueno; 011-591-2-220-2742 or 011-591-2-220-3448;; private room with comfy bed in 1898 colonial mansion can be had for $15; though backpacker favorite, rooms easily comfortable enough for suitcase crowd; if you pay extra, can have private bathroom; courtyards that rooms face great place to warm up in daytime sun after chilly night.
Sights & Sites
Tiwanaku – on road to Desaguadero (about 2 hours west of La Paz); monumental remains of pre-Columbian civilization.

SUCRE (includes Yotala)
Sky Hacienda – Mosoj Llajta (Quebrada Cochis, Yotala); 011-591-4-643-0045;; luxury boutique hotel situated near Sucre in Bolivian Andes; friendly hosts, delicious food & unparalleled mountain views; only 2 sumptuous rooms.
Sights & Sites
Parque Cretácico (Cal Orcko) – ;; unclear why wall, called Cal Orcko, went undiscovered for so long; filled with more than 5K tracks made about 68M years ago (Cretaceous period’s 2nd half); so many tracks — placed in such strange patterns — that some scientists refer to area as ”dinosaur dance floor”; so far, 6 different types of dinosaur identified; 1 special track measures 347m is longest dinosaur trackway ever discovered & made by baby Tyrannosaurus rex nicknamed “Johnny Walker” by local researchers; 8 other limestone walls with dinosaurs tracks found in region.

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